International Day of Mathematics 2021 (IDM 2021)

1. The theme of the International Day of Mathematics 2021 (March 14, 2021) is “Mathematics for a Better World”.

2. In view of the pandemic, it is highly likely that it will not be possible to hold events for the general public. It is therefore recommended that celebrations be planned in schools and colleges during class time or as extracurricular activities. Since March 14, 2021 is a Sunday, schools and colleges may choose to celebrate around March 14, for example Friday, March 12 and/or Monday, March 15. Since IMU has no direct contact with the school networks, we would be very grateful if you could pass the invitation to the school network(s) of your country and/or all the schools with which you are in contact.

3. In a few weeks, it will be possible to submit your plans to our IDM event map. Subscribe to the IDM newsletter to be notified when the submission form is online.

3. Each school and college is invited to participate in the Mathematics for a Better World Poster Challenge. Again, we would be grateful if you could pass the word in the schools in your country.

4. A live event will be held online, like the one we had in 2020.