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[IMU AO CL 20/2021]

The IMU celebrated its belated centennial in Strasbourg on 27–28 September 2021, with the conference “Mathematics without Borders”, see Circular Letter 12/2021.  We were delighted to welcome around 200 attendees to the conference.

To capture the occasion and for the benefit of those unable to attend, the talks were recorded and can now be viewed here. Additionally, the IMU engaged the science journalists Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas from Plus magazine to write about the event, see attachment.  Every Adhering Organization is free to publish this article in their newsletter or similar outlet on the condition that the authors’ names are given and we are informed about where the article appears. We encourage every AO to use the article.

If you want to illustrate the article, you may use the group photo taken at the conference along with the following photo credit: Catherine Schröder/Université de Strasbourg.

Informação da IMU

[IMU AO CL 19/2021]

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